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Rain Causes Late Start For Pumpkin Planting

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18)– It’s pumpkin planting season for farmers, but recent storms caused some farms to have to start late this year.

David Jones’ family runs Happy Jack’s Pumpkin Farm in Frankfort. They sell a lot of produce, but pumpkins are their big money maker.

“They’re one of our main crops for the whole season, and just in such a short amount of time to sell too,” said Jones.

He said that they typically start planting seeds mid-June, but because of the recent heavy rain, seeds weren’t put in the ground until Wednesday.

“We finally hit a dry spell this week and got our first set of pumpkins in,” he said.

That means where you would usually see some leaves sprouting by now, it’s just dirt. Jones said he’s not too concerned about the delay, but it is the weather through the rest of the summer that he’s worried about. Too much rain in August could lead to a repeat of last year.

“Some heavy rain hit when the pumpkins were pollinating for blooming, so there weren’t a lot of insects getting in there to help with our pollinating, so plants were making fewer pumpkins. the pumpkins they did make, it just kept raining on them. pumpkins got waterlogged,” said Jones.

The waterlogged pumpkins rotted within a few days and the farm was only able to sell about a third of the pumpkins they grew.

David Jones said that if all goes in his favor, they’ll be able to start picking pumpkins for wholesale at the beginning of September, and by the end of the month, have pumpkins ready for people to come in and pic themselves.

Happy Jack’s Pumpkin Farm has 12 acres of pumpkins planted now and they hope to plan a second set next week.

Bridgett Howard

Bridgett Howard

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