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Whitley Co. woman reunited with man she helped save

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18/NBC Chicago)– A Kentucky woman credited with helping save a man’s life almost one year ago, arrived home from Chicago after reunion with the man she helped.

Tears filled Hutz Hiley’s eyes as he looked at the people credited with saving his life. On June 23, 2018, Hiley went into cardiac arrest at Chicago’s Midway Airport. He is now healthy and has made a complete recovery. Less than 5% of people survive cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. Only 1% of those people regain full mental and physical function like Hiley has.

It’s all thanks to the people who immediately stepped into action and performed CPR. Erica Van Hook, of Whitley County, said she feels her being there was no accident.

“We were all put there for a reason because other people walked by, other people didn’t do anything,” she told LEX 18.

Now a lifelong friendship has blossomed, strangers connected forever by the life they saved.


Bridgett Howard

Bridgett Howard

Bridgett is a web content producer. She was hired in 2015.
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