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Making A Difference: Ronald McDonald House Celebrates Moms

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18)– Mother’s Day is on Sunday, but for some families at the Ronald McDonald House, this is a stressful time. A local McDonald’s owner wanted to give all the moms a small gift.

Jessica Barrett is about to have her first Mother’s Day as a new mom. Her daughter Serenity was born at 29 weeks, and is now in the NICU at Central Baptist.

Barrett needed a place to stay to be close to her daughter, so the folks at the Ronald McDonald House stepped in to help her out.

“Financially, it’s astronomical, so to have a place that’s like home for us to go is beyond a blessing,” she said.

Like many, Barrett is away from her family during this time. Denise Long, a local McDonald’s owner and operator, wanted to show the moms that they are all cared for with a small gesture, a single rose.

“Just a small token to show, ‘hey, we’re here for you, and if there’s anything we can do, just let us know’,” said Long.

Barrett told LEX 18 that she is thankful for the Ronald McDonald House and the moms there who know what she is going through.

“They try to make every day a little bit more easy for us and bearable in our situation,” she said.

Serenity is now six-weeks-old and is growing fast and doing well.


Bridgett Howard

Bridgett Howard

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