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Gordon Ramsay gets his hands dirty for new travel food show

NEW YORK (AP) — For his latest TV show, famed chef Gordon Ramsay has definitely left the comforting familiarity of his kitchens.

On “Uncharted ,” Ramsay visits global destinations to explore flavors far from routine. He eats guinea pig in Peru, fishes for eel with his bare hands in New Zealand and forages for hearts of palm in Morocco.

Of the show airing on the National Geographic Channel: “It’s straight to the source.”

After spending a week learning about the ingredients, Ramsay ends each hour-long show with a cooking competition, pitting himself against a local chef.

Think of it like Anthony Bourdain crossed with Bear Grylls and then add some “Top Chef.” Ramsay is often a fish out of water and likes it: “I find joy in being vulnerable, in a way.”

Associated Press

Associated Press

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